Big Sis

April 21, 2012
By Marlene273120 SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
Marlene273120 SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
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By Marlene Rashidi

I thought you were gonna be there for me,
whenever I needed you.
You said I could depend on you,
then why in heavens could you go?
Who am I gonna turn to, you were
my only mother, sister, and bestfriend.
Big sis how could you just go?
I don't wanna be all alone.
I don't wanna be on the streets,
just to help myself,
please big sis come back.
Who's gonna give me my one cup of
milk and two oatmeal raisin cookies and
my wheat porridge?
For dinner who's gonna serve me
my grilled beef,
mashed potatoes,
and corn bread? I need you big sis.
Remember you promised mommy and daddy
that you gonna take care of me, make sure
I'm safe, cuddle me when I was cold and scared,
and take care of my injuries when I'm done learning
how to ride my purple bike. Big sis, I need you,
come back. I don't wanna be adopted or put in;
in an orphanage home. I have no one, Big Sis.

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