The Waters of Our Friendship

April 28, 2012
By Dana Keyes-Gibbons BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
Dana Keyes-Gibbons BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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The river of us turns many corners
We slowly meander through grassy fields
On those ignorant summer weekends
And roughly waterfall over boulders
Thursday night texts and Friday morning silences
The river of us stretched across many years
As we first climbed those steep red stairs
Our two small hands intertwined

The river of us connects
The salty ocean of you
To the sea of me
Your ocean touches more sandy shores
More lips whisper your name
Your existence is inscribed on more maps and more minds
I hope someone is still intrigued by uncharted waters

I thought our tides were controlled
By the same steady moon
Hanging high above us
As it always has and always would
Not affected by the trends of society
Or influencing winds that make
Abrasive choppy waves on the delicate skin of two girls
Brought into the world just two days apart
Who are two oceans
But obviously we have two very different ideas
Of what’s important

I long ago lost the stamina for your face-to-face rejection
Not-so-gentle ocean spray stings open wounds
I guess I have a fear of confrontation
So I relied on other methods of communication
Letters instead of words
To solicit an invitation
At least your inevitable rejection without reciprocation
Wouldn’t splash as much water in my eyes
And you wouldn’t see
The salty black tears saturating my skin

I lustfully desire
To switch the lazy currents
And have you
Depend on me
To make you
Weep my thirsty dry tears
And choke on the sadness in my parched throat

I want to send roaring storms your way
And make you feel the headaches
The next morning from crying yourself to sleep
But that’s not my place
In this predetermined ecosystem
Where water cycles in only one direction
From an evaporated river to dehydrated clouds
And back down to this world in the tears of the heavens
And I for one feel some regret
Over promises not even broken, but forgotten
And for some stupid reason
I just want to keep giving you one more chance

Our water was so clear, but now it’s clouded
With the dust kicked up
By the stones you so carelessly discarded
In our river

And saying you’re sorry
Is a weather forecast of showers
A prediction from someone else’s dreamy imagination
Which isn’t the same as childhood rainy days
Spend laughing with you

Our river is slowing to a stream
To a creek through an
Abandoned fantasy land you don’t even remember
And if you don’t send some waves my way
I’ll find someone else to count on

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