Nature's Symphony

April 28, 2012
By Ranger_Will BRONZE, Carpentersville, Illinois
Ranger_Will BRONZE, Carpentersville, Illinois
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All is serene under Monkey Falls
The water sparkles gloriously, embodying the beauty of nature
The cascade of water gleams an iridescent blue
And emanates a glow of its own
The power of nature absorbs the essence of the sunlight
And alters it into a glitter of all the colors of the rainbow
The fish swim around, content in the warm radiance of the sunlight
Creating nature’s own inexplicable sense of joy
And all the while, the water from the falls pounds downward, carrying with it little wonders of nature
Salmon nimbly leap over the rocks barring their way
Shimmering ethereally before they splash into the water again as the flux takes them
The powerful current runs with ease over the thousands of stones
Polishing them so that they glisten in the sunlight
And create a surface as slippery as glossy ice
Above the tender water, the birds chirp boisterously
Signaling a new day full of optimism and hope
And exhibiting the exhilaration, the beautiful energy flowing through the air
The emotion incarnate running lithely and gracefully through the wind, affecting all the creatures it chances upon
Then, the monkeys, the guardians, wake up, thereby indicating the end of the early morning tranquility
The monkeys realize that this is their domain, their threshold
As one, they leap onto the branches of the trees
They let their playful nature take over and all of them, regardless of age, become children once again
Some yank on twigs and leaves when they see a bug struggling to get across
Others waddle and grin as they cautiously submerge their pudgy legs in the water
The comical ones mischievously tug on one another’s tail, intending to throw each other off balance
Grinning when they succeed in causing one another to tumble into the water
Still, as much as the monkeys are enthralled by these pastimes, there is one that surpasses them all
Every monkey experiences the euphoria coursing through their veins when they partake in this activity
It is a sport at which no other can hope to match; leaping of braches with incredible speed
This is their favorite game, in which they possess uncanny skill, skill that will never be matched by any other
It is their greatest natural gift, one at which they can be surprisingly graceful
The monkeys expertly manipulate their tails with amazing dexterity as they lithely hurdle to another branch
The soaring, indescribably blissful feeling permeates their every pore, and they lose themselves in it
It is only them out there; nothing else exists in the world except that wonderful feeling
When they have had their fill, the monkeys go to rest, and all is peaceful once more
The other creatures of the falls come out cautiously, wary of the impish monkeys
All the plants and animals sigh quietly, calmness once again suffusing the falls
Now that the monkeys have finally left and harmony has been restored,
The other animals can finally rejoice in flawless concord
The synchronization between the elements of nature starts flowing together seamlessly once again
Finally, the day grows old and the sun starts to make its gradual descent
Nature’s soothing spirit wafts around the falls, for a moment even slowing down the pulse of the waterfall
Peaceful stillness resounds through the falls, and nature sleeps in the promise of a new day

The author's comments:
Nature is a beautiful, fragile part of the world. It is found in everything, everywhere, and it contains so many elements. The wind, the air, the trees, the animals; the list could go on forever. I hope that readers will enjoy this piece as a humble tribute to nature.

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