April 28, 2012
Fear sinks in
I don’t want to change
what if they want to change me?
I can’t let that happen

I lock myself in a cage
once it’s safe I will come out
I will be free and no one will change me

I try to open the cage door
it won’t open
I pull and pull and push
it won’t budge

Panic sinks in
I can’t get out
why can’t I get out?

I look around for the key
the key, the key
that’s all I am looking for
who has my key?

I want to be free
I want to get out
I know who I really am

I stay in the background
I hear the world around me
but the key is nowhere
I am trapped in my own cage

Someone opens the cage door
it is a dream, a dream!
I wanted to be free completely

I beg and plea
I search and find nothing
I look and look but the key is nowhere
I want to be free from my cage

I cry as the loneliness sinks in
I am trapped in my own cage
I’m only released in my dreams

A light in the darkness emerges
I look and see that my cage is gone
I stand up and see I am free
I am finally free

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