Remember Me When You Are Ancient

April 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Dance with me and spin me around your thoughts
All I want from this world is for you to tell me I’m loved
Write novels about my eyes
Sing ballads of how I taste
Form a symphony from how it feels to touch me
Remember me when you’re ancient
Even after we stop spinning, after we both stop chasing me
I need you to think of me whenever you hear that song
From that band that we love
Feel the rain and remember when you told me
I was beautiful when I cried
Recall my wanderlust, know that while
You are constantly escaping, I will be too
When you said to blow up parliament and bury your body with roses
When they locked me away you asked if I was dead
Come here and dance with me again
Keep your promises and protect me from this world
Tell me I’ll be happy
Tell me I’ll be fine
Tell me you love me
More than anything else
Lie to me with that face made of deceit
Kill me with charm

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