AThousand Reasons

April 24, 2012
By issygirl BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
issygirl BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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A thousand reasons,
Why you make me happy.
A thousand reasons why
You make me cry

A thousand little gestures
That make my heart sing
A thousand sweet smiles
Love is everything

A thousand ways to say hello
that make my day special
A thousand ways my heart aches,
can you even tell?

A thousand ways to laugh.
A million reasons to cry.
A thousand feet above my head,
and you never tell me why

A thousand times you look at her
the way I wish you would look at me.
A thousand times you try to speak,
when she is near you grow to weak

a thousand flickers
in your eyes
a thousand withdrawals
yet I still try

a thousand pains
in my chest
a thousand pounds of ignorance
perhaps for the best

a thousand things I love about you
a thousand things I have gone through
a thousand things that mean so much
a thousand hurts at a friendly touch
a thousand things that I have been told
a thousand loves for your heart of gold
a thousand tears ive shed for you

a thousand reasons why
no matter what I try
my eyes never dry

I love you. For a thousand reasons.
You matter. For a thousand reasons.
ill keep trying. For a thousand reasons.
This is worth it. For a thousand reasons.

Loving you is everything. For a thousand reasons.

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