The Affair

April 12, 2012
By TAM_66 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
TAM_66 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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FOUR loves , so little time to cherish them all, should I cherish them I mean, they are just for temptation or simple pleasure of the mind and body, do I really love them, maybe I do maybe I don't, or maybe it's just a simple game that I'm choosing to play, why do I have these affair knowing there is going to be consequences , The consequences will problem be simple or normal as usual, the women will cry their hearts out over me, and then leave me all alone in the cold, while they are doing that I will be looking for other temptation, lust, I'm a married man that loves his wife with a passion, but I want more love, more temptation,

more lust that's why I have the other women, all to give me what I want, what my wife can't give me, Most women will say I'm a bastard, or I'm a dog and most men will worship me a a pimp, or even a Mack, but lust and sex can only last so long, they will find out eventually, Upon my arrival at home my wife greets me at the door with vengeance in her eyes,

in her hands she held the pictures of my other temptations, she yells and curses and tells me to leave, I show No emotion,

I don't regret what I've done, she burst into tiers and yells at me again, the roar of a dragon was in her voice, she will want me to comeback, they always want you comeback, nightfall hit, I sit in my motel I rented for a little while thinking , where does my heart really belong, right now it's in the devils cold dark hands, he's eating it like it was an apple, just draining the life out of me, My phone rings and it's my wife, I pick up instantly, she says I need to Comeback , a smirk appears on my face wondering what took her so long, since it's dark outside, I get into my car, and drive to my house as fast as I can, the lights are still on, but as I grow closer to the house , the colder the air gets as if death is waiting for me to slip up, I arrive

at the front door of my house, I open the door and walk in slowly until, bash! I wake up , by vision blurry. my head throbbing, and feeling have dead, I try to move, then I look up and I'm surrounded by my wife and my temptations, they all look at new as I struggle to get free, my wife says where are you going the party is just starting, I try to beg a plead, them to forgive me, I began making up more lies, and tells that will eventually make the situation worse, they have me down in the dark

cold basement not far from hell, one of my temptations then wrap a towel around my neck to strangle me, I can't scream, I can't breathe, the other three take out knives and stab me furiously my blood splashes their faces, my vision goes dark, my heart begins to shatter, and then it stops, in the end temptation can only get you so far

The author's comments:
This is dedicated to all of you cheaters

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