coming home

April 12, 2012
It stings like a knife, Its like a nightmare i just won't wake up from
I try and focus on the future but yet the past haunts me
The present does me no good, the future is unknown and the past is my fear
Its them nights I lost rest and them times i cried
its them days i missed school and them times you lied
Im still a child and it frightens me
But Im coming back home
I see the big shot girl who walks down the street and all they have to do is smile, I wanted to be she
I seen them boys with the paper you'll never dare to hate and uh its just what i thought was an amazing dream
but trust me I'm coming home
Whenever i felt alone ill do as i see
i be them girls that i wanted to be and love them boys that looked as if came straight out of a great dream
My Sister cried and the baby screamed my brother asked questions and my momma will leave
Im coming home
I left you, i dishonored you, I shamed you
You told me what to do and i denied because I thought you wasn't by my side
your the truth the way and the light but yet when people asked i lied
I live in sin and always have but i know the past you will erase
Im coming home
In my world your very unknown because i see my mother leave every night and I'm stuck to watch the family ill cry and i know there is someone with me to wipe them tears
You were right there
I promise Im sorry but all i want is for you to be there for me
Im coming home
many might not believe but Lord i do
Im coming home !!!

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