April 25, 2012

A raging volcano can be held,
within but a simple gesture.

A misleading merchant,
A liar,
giving a perception of a steady life,
Hiding the depression within.

No one looks twice,
Seeing happiness,
Rather than the train wreck.
Slipping through neglect,
No one can help,
For they cannot see,
The smile hides the key

The author's comments:
Yo, yo, YO!
Another one of my works; this little piece is pretty darn easy to figure out, unlike my other poems. Veneer, if you don't know, means something nasty being hidden with something that appears quite pretty. For example, the criminal projected a VENEER of kindness while tricking the woman into trusting him.
This is particularly about hiding your problems with a smile. Like, when you're really quite depressed, you may smile to make it seem like you're perfectly happy.
Quite a sad little piece, this really relates to me, and I'm sure it can to many others as well.
Very similar to my other poem, "The Bright Darkness of Truth" but with a different approach.

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