A Warped Scale

April 25, 2012

I look at the creature;
and see a murderer.
One who must be punished
For its crimes

As time goes by,
the hatred grows,
and the images
of the innocent victim
begin to slip from my mind.
I hate myself
for forgetting,
despise myself
for letting the thing live

I know
it was not the beast’s fault,
and yet,
if not for it,
she would still be alive,
with me.
Justice must be done!
Someone must be punished
Someone must take the blame,
And die

The mother swears vengeance
as I lower the knife,
the creature dead on the ground.

No one is any better off
No one has been avenged
the real murderer,
Is within;
That horrid creature,
That demands

An endless cycle of repayments,
I plunge the knife into
My own black, human heart

“Are you happy now?!”

The author's comments:
Yo, yo, YO!
Not much to say about this little piece. As you may have guessed, it's about everyday revenge, and how we slap the word 'justice' onto it to give us the excuse to hate.

Aren't I jolly? :D

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