Innocence Stolen

April 25, 2012
By Anonymous

Of all the dryads’ melodies, I fell for the most conniving
Of all the dryads’ harmonies, I followed hauntingly with abortive caution
Of all the dryad’s lullabies, yours stalked me and roped me in
The myriad of sweet, playful songs could not lead me from yours
I planned not on doing the conjugal act coerced on to me, but
I was a buff of your deadly melody that caused me to transform
I was the Girl of passion and fire, no deceptive deed done
I became the Hollow of a Person whose irrelevance affected no one.
You were the one that sucked the life, the love, the joy from me
You tried to drain the dregs of my soul
You stole my innocence, my fire, my body
You took from me what cannot be taken back

Now I steal the one thing that keeps other innocents protected

I, the Girl of passion and fire, will obstruct your life

Your life means nothing, now you have no life

My fire has burned you

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I felt like all was lost, then finished it when I chose to fight back instead of give up.

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