The Night

April 25, 2012
By karleeannn GOLD, Highland, Utah
karleeannn GOLD, Highland, Utah
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Too oft have I feared the dark of the night;
My eyes wide open, my footsteps trite.
My ears alert, my instincts ready,
My fists clenched tight, my feet so steady.

I search around for a familiar face,
Something to lean on, a path to trace.
My steps predictable, for fear of the unknown,
And fear of the thought that I’m all alone.

Deep down I know I must trust my soul
To direct me to the path I’m supposed to go.
If I listen closely to the whisperings of my heart,
I know from me, it will never depart.

And in the dark, a star shone bright,
And I came to realize to my delight,
That no matter the cold, and no matter the fight,
I love the stars too greatly,
To ever fear the night.

The author's comments:
Inspiration from this poem came from a quite by Galileo Galileo: "I have loved stars too fondly to fear the night." I read that and the metaphorical phrasing was beautiful, and from me, inspiration fled.

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