Broken Heart

April 21, 2012
The pieces broke apart
Even with glue
Stuck on it squishing out seams, like my kindergarten macaroni art.
You’re the last piece in my puzzle box.
But you will never fit the gaping hole that hides the real picture.
You are the ghost that stalks each footstep make.
Suffocating my body with cold,
Choking me to death.
But when you disappear I go back to my Ouji board
And hope you hear me.
Life is your play,
And I am one of your marionettes.
Pulled by each thought in your head,
I paint a perfect smile on my face,
To be the star.
Entertain the audience by
Following every jab
From the strings you pull.
When it rains
you are the drop
that falls on the window pane
to match the tear running down my face when you’re gone.
The pieces of us will never fit.
But I’d super glue your sharp shards to mine
Just to keep us.

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