Salt In Our Tears

April 10, 2012
By KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
KitKatDomination SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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The salt in my tears
The salt in yours
The salt in the children's who have seen far too much gore
The salt in the girl's just so afraid
Of what will happen if she refuses to be maid
The salt in the boy's who knows no home
After he ran away from being beaten and thrown
The tears of an old woman who's family has tossed her aside
The tears of a man, too proud to ask anyone to be by his side
I feel so silly tasting my tears
When i know i have nothing i need to fear
But we all know the taste all too well
Of tears that we cry when it's all gone to hell
When a loved one is sick
Or we realize how we are all so thick
The salt that comes with the thought of those long gone
And whose legacy will never die as long as we live on
The tears of those lying on the ground
During a war knowing their bodies won't be found
The tears of the women screaming as they make their escape
From those with the terrible intentions of rape
The tears of us all as we live in this world
Tears are natural we watch life unfurl
We cry in despair, in hope and in bliss
But for all of the pain, life is too good to miss

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after a class-trip to Washington DC and i was so moved by all the crying and emotions at the different monuments we visited. It humbled me and i realized just how small my problems are, i hope that when people read this they will realize that it could get so much worse and we are all lucky to be here

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