The Thunder

April 19, 2012
Eyes to the sky, clouds rolling in
The wind pushing hair into eyes
Storm is coming and there’s nothing to do about

Some love storms
The rain so spontaneous
So unique
But others dread the unpredictable
The chance that


Most people have been in a storm before
Looking out the window
Droplets rolling down the glass
Pure. Beauty.
The risk of a vicious storm can be so alluring
Until the thunder comes.
Little rumbles that scare people
Little rumbles that make people hide
Until the thunder hits so hard
The floor shakes, lights flicker, hearts skip beats
Until you’re so scared you can’t force the storm and longer.
Some people like the craziness of storms, the uncertainty
They wait out the long storms, craving the glorious sunshine behind hideous clouds
But some people are so afraid of the thunder
They don’t even see the beauty
Of the rain.

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