Introducing Julissa

April 10, 2012
By IspyJulissa1234 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
IspyJulissa1234 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
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I enjoy reading for spare time
I’m often embarrassed to say my middle name
My natural high is listening to music
I’m often complimented on my honey-ish, brown eyes
I don’t believe in “love at first sight”, I believe it’s mistaken for lust
People say I’m emotional
I’m very interested in playing the viola
I stuff Doritos in my sandwiches
My room light always has to be on, I insist
Getting up early every morning is challenging to me
The sound of waterfalls makes my heart skip
I can’t dance to save my life
Cooking is very difficult in my opinion
I can’t stand cats
Video games are my weaknesses
I love the smell of summer days in the pool
Horror movies are the best
Zombies take my interests more than anything else
I panic when I forget to do homework
My goal is to become successful in life
I want a “real” family
Lizards scare me
I don’t like dentists in my mouth
I sign everything I write with a heart
And Chris Brown steals my heart everytime he sings
“With You”

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