April 22, 2012
The unseeing face of the moon watches blind,
In the dark, forever unable to find.
Stars shine down, twinkling from the sky.
They're unable to tell you the hidden lie.

Lying under the diamonds in the tranquil blue,
Waiting to see the rising sun - so new.
Before day breaks, under control of the blind face,
Cities left behind, wrapped in linen and lace.

Watching the diamonds fall from their perch,
He looks around for the diamonds, you too, search.
His hand grips yours as there is a light,
Away to the night, here is the day, dark gone from sight.

You bid farewell to the crescent and leave.
In your small hand, you cannot believe.
A dazing light of a shining start,
Of the moon and sky of the night, forever in your heart.

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