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Will I find what I am looking for?
Answers, on the other side of a sealed door
There is no lock,
There is no key
Will I be able to make a choice;
or will you tell me it’s destiny?
I’ll wait forever for my perfect someone
The one you promised will eventually come

He will have his flaws, how will he be perfect?
Should I let broken pieces magically fit?
How will I know, will there be a sign?
Will he know too that he will be mine?

Some have died with no soulmate in their pasts
If I have a soulmate, tell me why love never lasts
Is love just a complex illusion?
Somebody tell me if he will just be a delusion

A growing girl with a simple dream
Discovering life is not what it seemed
Holding on to the stories I was told
Hoping I won’t be alone as I grow old…

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