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Cheerful Destructress

April 21, 2012
By Helena.of.Karatha DIAMOND, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Helena.of.Karatha DIAMOND, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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cheerful destructress
grinning as she drops bombs
rarely seeming to understand
that her missles are deadly
that she’s killing people
with those bombs that she’s dropping

she tends to just let them go
and quickly move on
seeking new targets
that haven’t yet been destroyed

once a place has been bombed
she seeks a new victim
it’s no fun to attack the same place twice
buildings topple differently than rubble does
there’s something satisfying in the collapse
of a structure that was standing so tall and strong
just moments before

she grins the most
when the tower goes down without screams
she never wants to face
the anguish of those she’s killing
as if she can pretend
that a lack of audible reactions
means no one’s getting hurt

and it could, hypothetically
the buildings could be empty
maybe sometimes they are
but sometimes the screams shred the air
and then her grin fades
she really doesn’t want to deal with
the pain that she’s causing

but right when she drops the bomb
there’s always that grin
because for a moment
it’s nothing more than a load off her back
no longer weighing her down
and for that second
she can pretend
no one’s getting hurt

The author's comments:
I wrote this for all the people I have inadvertently hurt, mostly by telling them things that, while true, were certainly not what they wanted to hear.

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