True Nam

April 20, 2012
I don't want pity
I don't want pain
I don't need lovin'
I just need shame
Love isn't real
It's just something to deal
With the everyday tears
And the lifelong fears
The things of dreams
That make us smile and beam
But crushes our hearts
When hit with Cupid's fatal dart
'Tis better to have loved
And lost
Then to have never loved at all
That our hearts might hear the lonesome call
The everyday tears
The lifelong fears
We deal with no matter
Though losing love makes us sadder
I have shame
I don't want love
I don't need pain
Pity doesn't help
I just want to know Love's true name
The name it is givin'
By all those who are livin'
The young lovers under the covers
Tryin' to stay warm for the first time ever
The ones long forgotten
Whose love has gone rotten
The ones we hope for
That hide behind every closed door
And the ones that may
Live to see another day

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