April 16, 2012
echo the strength of stone
back toward
the beauty i could only crave
when you weren’t watching
underneath the walls and the pain
if you saw through
everything only you know
parts of myself i
tore too deep to bleed
for you
i don’t want the hurt to go away
because it’s the only whisper
of you that i believed
the happiness i’d dreamed
too many times to become
anything but ghosts
listening, underneath the blackness of the water
even as i couldn’t see
and the light left my heart
i felt love for that place
i knew you’d be there, and
wouldn’t let me stay
if you really were true to
each secret i’d kept
until they made me crazy, there in
the darkness
for once not converned about
my body, as it lay beneath us
and the heart it did not have
as you took my warmth and
never asked for more than
to keep yourself as one
i couldn’t understand the power
of blood, the sick test, twisting
soul and body together
as one
if the water never let me go
told me honor could be bought
and begged me for forgiveness
it wasn’t mine to give, of
blue and light
i wouldn’t’ take that when you asked me
forever turning my head toward
what i thought was you, in
between the wings
every word a stone, rushing
lettering you take me
into that place
lay me down
underneath the silence




to take my body
and come to find love.

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