The End

April 16, 2012
My first boyfriend,
My first love,
Just pushed me off an edge,
What to do now?

It hurts,
I hurt,
But I'm holding my tears back
Can't let him win.

Whether I die or not,
I've yet to know,
I guess I'm hopeful,
He'll come back to me.

My knees feel weak,
My eyes want to release their tears,
I'm running out of tissues,
But I have to stay strong.

Though i'll never smile again,
And i'll let myself go,
Whether I die or not,
I've yet to know.

He was all I wanted,
He helped me when I was weak,
Something went wrong with us,
But I'm not surprised.

Someone depressed,
Who can't control her emotions,
Who would want me?
Who could stay?

Please come back,
Don't leave me here,
You're all I care about,
These might be my final words.

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