How Anne Frank inspired me...

April 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Anne Frank inspired me…

To write a whole lot more
To get up from on the floor
To see what I could achieve
She made me believe
That I could write
What I believe is right.

Anne Frank inspired me…

To express my self through my diary
Suddenly my life turned fiery
When finally tragedy struck
It was Anne Frank to whom I stuck

Anne Frank inspired me…

To be strong while those around me suffered
And although I was sad my self, it was others who I buffered
To feel better, through song and dance
Even though their hearts suffered from the golden lance
Of pain grief and misery
Even though my window of hope was clouded and bleary

Anne Frank inspired me…

To enjoy and respect nature
Even though in my heart there was a crater
From where my freedom had been
And there was nothing to be seen
Except hunger
And anger
I still look for the joys in life
To look past my troubles and my strife
And to make this world a better place

The author's comments:
Well once upon a time I was in a bad situation and my freedom severely restricted, everyone around me suffered but it was through Anne Franks diary I got through and that's what inspired me to write this poem.

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