Why do you Care?

April 20, 2012
By , Yorkville, IL
Why do you care
About what I wear
Or how I style my hair
To what deity I pray
Or if i'm straigh or if i'm gay?

Why do you worry
About the glasses that make my life unblurry
Or the fact that my speech may be slightly slurry
How I was raised
Or that I may be slightly crazed?

Why do you disapprove
Of the way that I groove
Or the manner in which I move
How come you think you're above
just because I have a different way of love?

Why do you criticize
If I have squinty eyes
Or have skin that yours does not guise
How I was made
The way my outer soul is portrayed?

Why do you scorn
About the way I was born
Or if my clothes are dirty or worn
How much money I own
Or how much I don't?

Why do you have the urge to compel
Me to wear someone else's shell
Or say that I belong in hell
How bad I am
That I am no better than spam?

Why do you have the right
To look down upon me
Why does your light
Only have bad to see
Why do you act
As if i've done something wrong
Even you are abstract
In fact,
You've been me all along.

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