April 15, 2012
By Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
Jonathon_Fine GOLD, Vinita, Oklahoma
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This feeling roars through my chest
Causes my heart unbearable pain
I can't stand this, I'm goin insane
Yet I'm the only one to blame
I'm tired of this sick game
I know I'm the one who pushed you away
But now I'm in so much pain
I hide my tears within the rain
I just wanted to protected you from me
Through all the pain my heart can still see
It desires you and only you
But I couldn't bear being close enough to you to hurt you
So I boarded myself away from reality suffering alone
I wonder if I'll ever be able to atone
The chances of that look grim
So I must suffer your memories
Your voice with such a tone
Your laugh and when your nose crinkled with it
That is beyound beauty itself
How do I live with such bane
I'm losing all emotions to this pain
But no matter how I suffer
I miss you and love you more then anything

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