What Remains

April 18, 2012
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do you fear a lonely death?
No soul calls your name,
tears fall, your own
salty tears
as your eyes close the last time
to rest.
No anguished cries escape
to bear witness to a quiet departure,
take your silent leave,
dismal, peaceful.
Like the casket hides your pale, calm face
so memories enfold within
forgotten in your lonely death,
no soul recalls your name.
But when all left behind in your demise
fades away,
one truth will always be
it is this.
The day you first breathed
helloed the world
with infant wails and beating heart,
that day you came
like the day you left
arrives each year anew,
it does not vanish, even though
you have disappeared.
And so
when leaves fall in whispers
and shiver and shrivel
upon your cool gravestone’s bed
i’ll still say
on the day you came
Happy Birthday
to you
and blow out your candle’s flame.

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