They Say They'll Change

April 16, 2012
By aprilmay210 GOLD, New Boston, New Hampshire
aprilmay210 GOLD, New Boston, New Hampshire
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The hardest thing to do is help someone,

Who choses not to be helped.

You sit tight while they go off with someone new,

Until they realize that they aren't you.

They come back and say they're going to change,

It'll be okay.

You believe it although you know it wont happen.

It happens over and over again.

You tell yourself you're going to leave,

They can't come back this time.

But they leave and come running back,

They let you help them for a little while.

Eventually they go back to their own ways.

How are you supposed to help them now?

You encourage them, support them, love them,

And they leave you, alone barely breathing on the bathroom floor.

When do you reach the point that you can't keep do it anymore?

As much as you want to, as much as you care, you just can't be there.

They try to come back, one last time, you tell them you're done,

And they cry.

They say they'll change, but all over again they come back and hurt you,

You want the best for them.

What I realized out of life, you can only help someone so much,

So much until they won't let you help them anymore.

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