Black Man's Story

April 12, 2012
By qrobinson GOLD, Richmond, Virginia
qrobinson GOLD, Richmond, Virginia
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you must be the change in the world that you cannot see

I can see your true colors
Needling its way through

At the halftime of all-star weekend
I ran to the store to grab an iced tea
And some skittles
I’m walking on the way back
Going home when I notice a
White man following me
Nervously I paced home quickly
Then he pulled out a gun so
I ran as fast as my black feet could carry me
He swiftly chased behind
Before I could get to my street
He gunned me down in my back
I fell flat on my face

So now died I wonder
What does a black man have to do to?
Get some respect
Maybe black men are more likely to be criminals than
Whites but what gives anyone the right to shoot
And unarmed teenager
I had to die in order for people to realize that
Things are still not right

Because I dress differently than you do
Does that make me a criminal?
Because I talk differently than you do
Does that make me a criminal?
Because I don’t have the money like you do
Does that make me a criminal?

Please I beg of you, judge me based on
My character
Judge me by my integrity
Judge me by my heart

I am a human and nothing less
And I demand that you look at me
Past my brown tint

Boy, am I damn tired
Judge me because I am nothing but a man

The author's comments:
The Trevon Martin story inspired me to write this. I want people to know that I didn't write this just because he was black but because things are not right in this country and until we do something about it more tradegies like this will occur!!!

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