April 2

April 15, 2012
By Pizco54 BRONZE, Davao City, Philippines, Other
Pizco54 BRONZE, Davao City, Philippines, Other
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April 2..
I remember the Day..
It was my Birthday..

It used to be like any other Days..
But not that particular Day..
No, not that..

That day..
It felt like an ordinary day..
Another ordinary Birthday for me..

I remember going to Marine Club..
The Basketball Court where I usually went to..
It was close to the Sea side just beside the Sea wall..

I played Basketball that day..
Can't remember with whom..
But I remember You came..

It was Summer!
Yet it suddenly rained that day..
Can't remember if it already did earlier..

The place was wet..
It looked somehow beautiful..
It felt cool and beautiful..

You were there..
You came..
You waited for me..

I remember not feeling well that day..
But it all changed..
You changed it that day..

I remember we were about to walk to the Gas Station..
We walked on the Sea wall..

It was that moment when you gave me the most valuable things..
You gave me a Silver Bracelet and an Important Shell that You've kept for years..

I remember that moment..
I remember it clearly..
I remember it still..
I remember it now..

It was the best Day..
It was the best Moment..
In my Life..

I remember the time when I saw my Birth Certificate way back and while I was checking it out I remember being told by my parents that it rained on the Day I was born..

That Day..
With You..

Will always be..
In my Heart..
In my Mind..

The author's comments:
This was the best day of my life. Just wanted to share it. :)

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