What No One Knows

April 13, 2012
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You don’t show them
The pain you endure
It won’t be your excuse to get more than you “deserve”
A smile glued to your face
Not letting it get to you
Listening to others
Taking it in until you’re convinced that you can’t hear anymore
But you continue anyway
You’re a friend. A best friend
Everybody knows it
Who will be your friend?
Who will be your shoulder to cry on?
When will the pain leave and the sadness run away forever?
This isn’t the story you want to remember
But you take it on anyway
Scared that no one cares about your feelings
I wish you knew that people do care
But you don’t
So you continue, until there is no more pain
The pain and the sadness have left
And all that’s left is regret
Regret at what could have been said
But you should have told them..
Told them what no one knows

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