April 15, 2012
By superstious BRONZE, Kingston, New York
superstious BRONZE, Kingston, New York
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we live in a generation of not being love and not being together. But we sure make it feel like We're together Because we,re scared to see each other with somebody else

people think of hate People think of love I think both e is altogether
Hate is depressing love is creating
in matter of fact it just confusing
People say hate is a strong word but i didn't create it
People say love is something that is passionate i say it something that has passion. But it depend if you understand it.
people feel the truth of love. People feel the stress of hate. But I need to understand it and see the opposite.
I understand the point of love and hate i just need to feel the confront and the differences because i know where i am going I know whenever it lead to some place i will be happy all over because there is no tturning back no more

The author's comments:
It make know there is nothing for me to worried about as long as i know my self and the meaning of life

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