Nobody Knows

April 13, 2012
By Madeline Moskal GOLD, Dennison, Minnesota
Madeline Moskal GOLD, Dennison, Minnesota
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Some people
Think shes fake
Others view her as mean
But I guarantee
She’s neither

She covers herself up
With clothes and makeup
It’s hard for her
To let people in

Nobody knows
The truth about her
It’s like no one even cares

Everyday she paints a smile on
And laughs along
Like everyone else

Nobody knows
No one bothers to ask
What could push her over
Too far
They wouldn’t be
Able to take it back

She’ll be gone
In a blink of an eye
She’ll be gone

Day by day
Week by week
It pushes her
One day it will be
Too far

Nobody knows
That she’s faking it
She moves on
Day after day

Wondering if he will ever change her life
Like the first time they saw each other

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