Save Me.

April 13, 2012
By gemini0696 SILVER, Bpt, Connecticut
gemini0696 SILVER, Bpt, Connecticut
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Why even believe it.
Delinquent illusions of the brain interfering with the heart.
Controlling it? Out of your control.
Don't fall. It'll be too hard to get back up.
Don't let your guards down. You'll never get them back up again.
Regrets? Likely.

Avoiding pain before it strikes, wish I could do that.
Always getting myself into things I can’t control.
Well it was only that one time.
Everyone has those “one time’s,” right?
Please tell me I’m correct.
Lie to me, deceive me, you’ll surely be doing something right.
The truth hurts too much to know it, let me save myself because I’m all I have.
Lies feel more like the truth than truth itself.
Make me smile, even if you’re telling lies to my ears.
Make me happy, even if you’re lying to my face.
Be my pick me up person, even if you’ve lied to me.
Make me body numb, even if you lie about how you feel.

Lie to my ears tell them what they want to hear.
Lie to my feelings tell them what they want to feel.
Lie to my heart tell it what won’t make it break.
Lie to my brain, deceive my heart.

I’m in love with lies.
Save me.

The author's comments:
yeah just wrote this so quickly, I'll probably go back in a couple weeks and edit/add to it, enjoy! April Poetry Month(:

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