Left to this

April 9, 2012
Tidal waves and
Earth quakes
Tear through a community
A family
A life

Bruised, broken, and battered
We all begin to fight
Pick up the pieces and begin to
Expect for one poor man

One man chose to stay
On his own
Lost in the fight
He turns to a bottle
One to take the edge off
Two to help me survive
Three to start to take the pain away
Soon a colony of bottles begin to

What was lost out weighs
What is found
He can’t find the light at the end
of the tunnel
So he drinks
Grief, sorrow, depression makes him an
Unspoken man

Soon promises melt away
Like snow on a hot summer’s day
A colony of fun out weighs the

A cloud of hurt
Hides the light
For all he can see is the light at the end of the
Bottle he turns to every night
Swallowed by everyday life events
He met his alcoholic surprise

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