Boxing the Mirror

April 9, 2012
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Let me fight myself. If
its the only way.
Striving to become better
than me, every day.
It's a war on the inside,
brain vs heart, he say she say.
Brain, round one. Bloody heart,
instant replay.
Heart kicks the brain,
indecisive, begs to stay.
Heals most of the wounds
but the scars will remain.
A constant reminder of where
I've been again and again.
Forgive and forget. That
phrase ain't my friend.
I'll forgive but never forget
hit a dead end.
No, 7 times 70 times
don't work for me.
Theres a thin line, between
generosity and apathy.
You've crossed it a few,
and then you just laughed at me.
Get rich off of me, I'm a laughing stock.
The devils entertainment, dammit, stop!!
But I'm tired, so I'm gonna
grab his tail, strangle him.
Burn his tongue in acid, wrap it by
his throat, dangling from a rim.
Its dangerous territory, this is my court now.
Not just any regular man, me in poetryland.
I made a vow.
My creations, tears of the warriors.
Applause. Take a bow.

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