Blue Eyes

April 11, 2012
Your eyes looked so blue last night,
When you talked and I listened and smiled inside,
Your hair fell so gracefully, admit it or not,
This all makes my feelings so hard to hide.
Your harmonious laugh pierces my skin,
Like a serpent it encircles my aching heart,
And as you take those familiar steps away,
I realize again that we’ll be set apart.
My friend and counsel what will happen to me,
Falling for you has been such a mistake,
But as time goes on I grow ever more sure,
That being with you is the road I want to take.
My friend your eyes were so blue last night,
I am so hypnotized by your simplest gaze,
I want so desperately to tell you how I feel,
But I’m so deadlocked in my own ways.
Were all those nights, the sparks I felt,
Just tricks I played to keep myself sane,
Or was there truly something unseen by you,
These thoughts endlessly swirl in my brain.
You laughed last night as we talked,
You couldn’t believe you eyes were so blue
You didn’t even realize as you looked at yourself
That my eyes were always locked on you.
My friend, my counsel, what am I doing,
Staring at your pictures late at night;
The one where you were wearing my jacket,
When your company to me felt absolutely right.
I don’t think I can take much more of this,
The constant thoughts of holding your hand,
Or kissing you gently on your flawless cheek,
The heartache I feel I just cannot stand.
Do you remember the necklace you forgot,
The one I promised to bring back to you?
I kissed it a hundred times and even a few more,
Hoping one kiss would make it through.
And when I lie in bed and try to sleep,
A song comes on that brings tears to my eyes;
And as I hold back these tears I find myself smiling,
Because each day I spend with you brings a new surprise.
I eagerly look forward to the following day,
When again I will admire you from afar;
And when I see that necklace below your blue eyes,
I realize I’m happy just the way we are.

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