April 12, 2012
By DRENNA SILVER, Greenville, South Carolina
DRENNA SILVER, Greenville, South Carolina
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Is it fun to drink while driving?
Is it because you swerve while riding?
What do you say when the police stops you?
Is it, “Heading home…we were about to.”?

You think it’s okay until someone’s hurt
Would you rather others be buried in dirt?
Well of course you do because you’re careless.
I guess drinking makes you fearless.

Maybe it’s invincible to anything harmful.
In front of the judge you try to be charmful.
The judge isn’t buying it
He’s been through it before
His daughter’s name was Rebecca Shore.

She was killed by a reckless driver
To him her death was nothing minor.
He swore nobody will get away with DUI.
He hit his gavel and began to cry.
“You’re guilty, guilty, I’m doing my part!”
“It’s people like you who breaks all of humanities heart!”

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