April 5, 2012
She's losing her mind,
She's falling away,
No matter what happens,
nothing will stay.

She's startled by shadows,
Sees faces in doors,
Hears voices in smoke,
And reads stories in floors.

She can't fall asleep,
Or bare to stay awake,
She's empty and alone,
They have nothing left to take.

She floats above herself,
Then spirals into grey,
She wonders in this is normal,
If anyone could stay,

She's scare out of he mind,
By everything in the night
She can't face the world,
She's too tired to fight.

She hates her reflection,
And screams into the mirror,
She hides her pain so well,
That she can't even shed a tear.

Everything these days,
Feels like a dream,
She's so far away,
Nothing is as it seems.

Every moment another thing goes wrong,
And no matter what, she'll never belong

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