I am sitting

April 5, 2012

I sit and wait
Wait for that day when
The happiness fades with the
Sun at dust
When the days grow longer
And my heart, strong like a rod
But still broken
What have I done to earn the treatment?
That you have forced me to accept
Like a storm, hail and lighting, striking
My back
You have taken from me something
That I can never get back
Then I sat and smiled, grimaced for awhile
Till I dialed those three awful numbers
I wish this day had never begun
So that I won’t have to circumcise my
True feelings I harbor inside
I am not some project that you take to rebuild
So I sit and feel terrible
And I sat and I sit but either way there
Is nothing I can do to change this situation

The author's comments:
I wrote this because i was sad about a certain situation and i wanted the person who put in it to break me out. It leaves a lot up to the reader. it is human mystery

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