The Ecstacy of Being Free

April 5, 2012
By rainbow-brightie BRONZE, Davie, Florida
rainbow-brightie BRONZE, Davie, Florida
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Freedom is a curious thing-
Though no money is required
No money will ever
Be enough to "pay"
For the feeling.
It is priceless,
As is the person
Gliding on its loveliness.
Free, but always worth
Paying for.

Freedom is a curious thing-
It slips across the teeth,
Smothers the tongue,
Sticks to the roof
of the mouth
Like a creamy peanut butter.
It lingers on the lips
As does a tangy lemonade
On a warm summer day

Freedom is a curious thing-
It encourages one
To feel as though
One's own rules are
The primary authority
In life.
Rove around the dark,
Miss dinner,
Think as though
You've never thought
Free(dom) is a curious thing,
A curious thing indeed.

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