Earth and Other Places

April 7, 2012
By cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
cmalcolm DIAMOND, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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Our world;earth, a planet in our solar system
Spinning in orbit, sustaining life not surmounting
The vast lands and even more-so, epic oceans
The wonders of earth alone, are gifts from God

The birds, plants, animals, trees
The waves, the tide, the tantalizing breeze
There is so much more to even our own planet
That we have not discovered
Mere miracles and sublime paradoxes
To the species and life of earth yet to be uncovered

Compare this to what lies—beyond
What could—lie beyond
More than just outer-space
More than what we see in the night sky
More, than just a new place.
A New planet, new realms, new worlds, new galaxies
More creatures and life in these foreign places
Entirely unexplainable with a poem, or words
The amount of pure beauty and life and glory
That lies in other lands;
Is too much to convey
Too much to hold in your hands
We do not know the specifics of what lies, “beyond”
Or how much of a beyond exists,
Or if, what and where it persists

The majestic elements of this spectacular unknown of which I'm fond
These elements await us in new realms of planets and stars
A new life for you, and for me, for us
New emotions, spirits, ideas, and feelings.
New movements, failures, new history and meanings
New—everything, in these better and different places
So we hope, and we dream,
But this hope-- is sole-ripping

This whole situation of not being able to reach these worlds,
Is such a shame
But perhaps the way it was meant to be
Maybe it's not meant to have fame

If we ever know these universes
It will change people, and turn them around
It won't be the same,
It will cause warm, riots, and angry people
It will be more than just a futuristic dream
It will be a glorified conquering game
It will be real and will destroy us
It will be something we learn about in our history class
The new places that were discovered,
The people that died just because they wanted something else
As if—being alive, wasn't good enough for them
It will be the ultimate turning point on earth,
Before abyssal chaos

This is all—hypothetical of course,
Irrelevant, because we are stuck—here.
This is by no means a terrible occurrence at all
This is all

Sure—We know there is more than what earth has to offer
But we should not be dissatisfied or not content
We should realize we're actually quite lucky
To even be alive,
On the only planet where humans can survive
The one planet we know
The one planet that we will always call home
This—Is at the core of human existence

But why I am I calling us humans?
We are so much more than that,
More advanced than a mere species
We have vast knowledge of art and culture
Of music, science, technology and innovation
Capable of love, and sorrow
Surely more than any other creation
So now, we are people
This word shows more than just a general class of animal
It shows our infinite diversity
And everything of which we are capable

Earth is magnificent and glorious
Some times we all take this for granted
Brushing away the notion that you wouldn't be reading this
You wouldn't have ever been born
People, would have never existed
So earth, created by some higher power
A divine inquest for all life that we know
Because you'd be dead if earth just stopped
Without its resources; its natural attractions
It is amazing, and brilliant
And—necessary, in its infinite factions
So instead of worrying about what lies beyond
Because this, we will never know,
Worry about us, and our planet
Where people will forever, learn and grow

The author's comments:
Earth. Something we all take for granted. Something we all need to survive.

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