April 7, 2012
A tempered lie
Uttered to hide the appalling face of the truth
Too miserable to bear.
When the final flame of hope
Flickers out-
A darkness descends, thick and breathless.

Dreams have never been lost in such a calamitous way.
With no choices left to be had-
A wall is built as tall and strong as a skyscraper.
That it takes a connection deeper than the ocean
To break that wall down.

But strength can only last for so long;
There comes a time when glue no longer sticks,
Plaster chips, cement cracks, and
Walls crumble,
Crumble to dust.

That beautiful face doesn’t deserve this,
Days shouldn’t be spent in exasperated fear.
It’s a pity.
It’s a shame.
It’s a disgrace to the face of humanity.

I’ll forgive that tear
Go back in time and live before it ever happened.
I can’t understand but I’m willing to try.
I’ll be your fortress and moat without a gate;
I’ll protect your heart, your mind, your soul.

So shed a tear, as many as you need.
I’ll support you and help you.

Look around- see the pain in this world.
I know it’s not fair and I know that it’s dire,
But hiding from the truth only gets you so far.
I’ve seen behind your pitiful façade, and honestly
It breaks my heart.

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