The Real Nightmare Of The Shadows

April 5, 2012
The night air, was chilly as I slowly walked past the dark alley way. My coat only protecting my arms and chest from the vicious attacks from the cold. My face, was a brilliant pink as I searched the streets for a single street lamp. As I came up empty finding a source of light, I could have sworn I saw a shadow...move. Do shadows move? I flipped my hair, to put in in a pony tail in preperation to run away. The eerie cold and the dancing shadows were perking my legs to move quicker and quicker, until I was running past the mouths of the alley ways in a blur. I didn't notice the dip in the sidewalk that would no doubt roll my ankle or I would trip, if I weren't careful. As I tried to move around the obstacle I had fallen into a different trap. The alley's shadow gripped my shoulders and sent me into a brick building side. In the struggle I had shut my eyes in hopes of never having to see his face. The demon who would no doubt kill me. The shadows had made it impossible to see him anyways. When I had fallen to the ground after my back had hit the wall, I had to open my eyes. When I did, I wasn't anywhere near that alley. I was home, in my bed. I stared at the ceiling waiting for some indication that maybe this was real. I saw the real shadows swirl on the white paint and I smiled.

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