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March 23, 2012
By Suomi BRONZE, Morehead City, North Carolina
Suomi BRONZE, Morehead City, North Carolina
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I got to hear my grandmother’s voice last night-
Mumbling in the phone;
She asked I get mama for her,
She needed to tell her more.

Grandfathers in the hospital again,
But it isn’t something new;

The heart of a brave man,
Can always be renewed-

With the surgery and lots of love,
We wish that he’ll make it through,

But the doctor’s hand has slipped,
It’s too late to start anew.

The author's comments:
Whilst my grandfather was in the hospital recently for his heart surgery the doctor had a mishap- it could’ve happened to anyone, but I guess fortune didn’t shine so lightly on my grandfather. I love “Papa Johnny” (My childhood name for him.) and my grandmother was devastated, he is still alive, but they collapsed most of the arteries leading to his heart. He now can’t do work, and is stubborn as a mule to ask for help. He has to breathe through a tube at night, and it has made my cousins cry. (and here I go rhyming again.) I just wish people noticed how close they were to someone,… before it’s too late.

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