April 2, 2012

After two years we’re finally on top
We are the kings and queens of the school
Or least that’s what we think

It’s the year that everything changes,
People change and our friends change
Some of us change for the best
But others change for the worst.

Some will snicker
Some will stare
Others will laugh
It seems there is no justice for some

We begin to question our closest friends
We don’t know who to trust
Everything is so confusing
And we don’t know what to do

But some will laugh with you
Some will help you
Others will stand by you
And it seems that some friendships will last forever

We begin to appreciate our closest friends
We learn who to trust
We begin to understand

And we grow from it all
We grow from the betrayal
We grow from new trust
We grow from our experiences

This was the year that everything changed
This was the year we understood
This was the year that we grew.

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