Aurora Borealis

March 25, 2012
By ThatGuyOverThere SILVER, Missoula, Montana
ThatGuyOverThere SILVER, Missoula, Montana
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Looking back
I can remember

We traveled
So far and long

To the north
To see the lights

And as we sat
Huddled together

Waiting for the day
To give way to night

I could feel
Something electric in the air

At first we gasped
Awestruck at the sight

We soon realized
Words could do little justice

And fell silent
And let our emotions

Wash over us
And overwhelm our minds

Ghostly ribbons
Of yellow and green

Weaved and waved
In an divine dance

Streaks of color
Formed intricate patterns

Too complex 
For a human hand

As I gazed
In quiet delight

My heart and soul 
Began to change

They became entwined
In the lights own grace

Time slowed down 
And hung in the air 

And that moment
Stretched into eternity 

I could see
Just a glimpse

Of something more
Just out of reach

A simple truth
Infinitely old

A Thing so vast
I couldn't see it all

As the morning light
Washed the light away

My memories already 
Began to fade and tarnish

But still I know
That within my soul

I will have those lights
By my side

From today
Until I die

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