April 6, 2012
A petal drifted down.
A white petal among a rain of blood-red.
The bright white stood out against the red.
The sweet, heavy smell of roses filled the air.

It landed softly atop the red.
The petals landed softly on the clear water.
Covering it, smothering the the sharp clarity
Everything was muddled and sweet.

And as the white petal landed, all of the red seeped into it.
A white circle with a red dot.
White petals covering a lake,
With a single deep red petal in the center.

Everything became clear and sharp again.
But it only lasted a moment.
One-too short-moment.

The white petals floated up, up, up, twisting and turning into a white smoke.
The red petal sank, and as it sank, it became a droplet.
A single red droplet in a clear, untouched lake.

It stayed a droplet and just kept sinking.
Past the surface, past the middle, and past the bottom.
It was absorbed by the sand and everything turned red with a white dot in the center.

Then everything began to fall.

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