April 6, 2012
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I always wanted to be alone
Now here I am at home
Screaming silnces and silence screams
But,not everything is as it seems
Visions prove empitiness
Souls seek presences
And always finds yours around here
Never leaving me except with fear
Fear of being forgotton by who
I love most,they see right through
My reassuring smiles
I will always go those extra miles
Just to be surrounded
And echos won't be sounded
By my tears dripping,staining quiet floors
And my heart breaking through empty doors
Floors are supposed to carry feet
Not hollow promises they couldn't keep
Doors are supposed to hold lives
Not nooses,notes,and awaiting knives
I'm so alone now,I guess I got
What I wanted,but not
To even lose your invisible presence that
I learned to love after you left so fast
Without any hesitation of a fairytale
Now this castle is a nightmare
A prison chamber filled with taunts
Of me still loving you even when you're gone
I'm sorry if I'm not good enough
Almost dead without you,not tough
I'm here at my haunted home
I never want to be alone

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