A Descendant Of Adam

April 6, 2012
By Elzette BRONZE, Bloemfontein, Other
Elzette BRONZE, Bloemfontein, Other
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Any quote that moves me, I am surrounded by words daily, so it's hard to choose. Oh and anything by Coco Chanel :)

A trail of broken hearts leading to a crooked smile and deeply alluring eyes.
A glance in his direction, a courting smile.
He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
A master of disguise.
He offers you the world, in fact his world.
He does not cherish you, but abandons you.
He does not comfort you, but burns your aspirations and scatters them over the graveyard of your sole.

He is a dark and powerful mist.
The word 'love' comes to mind.
'Love' the mere sight and sound of that word makes me quiver in disguist.
His 'love' in the form of a ring, promising you the world, promising you his heart, his promise to adultery.

His taste is nor sweet nor tender nor soft nor plentiful, but bitter and poisonous.
A descendant of Adam, out to destroy the heart of an Eve.
He is the dead walking amongst the living.

Though this man, a man of corrupt intent, his purpose is impure, he is responsible of guiding you to the decision, the decision to be cautious and guard your heart.
He shows you exactly what you do not want!

The author's comments:
My inspiration : The pain and heartbreak caused by heartbreakers.

I hope people, especially girls, will develope a sense of guarding. Guarding their hearts, to remember that you and you alone can be happy with or without someone!

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