Something Not So New To Decide.

March 21, 2012
By LilyMay SILVER, Euclid, Ohio
LilyMay SILVER, Euclid, Ohio
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This Feeling Is Empty Nothing,
I Want To Feel Something,
I Want To Feel Anything,
No One Can Change This Nothing Empty Feeling,
Something Can Making Me Feel Something,
We Gone Through With One Too Many Times,
So What’s One More Time Going To Hurt?
But What We All Know,
It’s Never Just One More Time,
One More Is Just Something I Say,
It’s Just A Game I Play,
Please Don’t Leave,
Please Just Stay,
Don’t Give Up On Me Yet,
I’ve Given Up On Me A Long Time Ago,
I Can’t Ask You To Stay,
Maybe It Would Be Best If You’d Leave Me Here,
Without Ties I Won’t Have To Say Goodbye,
Do I Really Want To Say Goodbye?
Do I Really Want To Leave?
I Can’t Believe,
I’m Contemplating Suicide,
When I Began To Write This,
I Knew I Wanted To Go Back To The Knife,
But I Wasn’t Thinking About Ending My Life,
This Is Something I Don’t Want To Decide,
I Know What I’ll Do,
I’ve Never Said No To The Temptation Of Suicide,
I’ve Never Had Success In An Attempt,
So Why Do I Even Try?
Because I Feel Like I’m Living A Lie,
Because I Don’t Want To Cry,
Because Maybe I Do Want To Die,
This Has Gone Too Far,
I Just Wanted To Feel Something,
I Just Wanted To Go Back To The Knife,
Now This Is Something Completely Different,
Now There’s Something Not So New To Decide,
Now I’m Thinking Of Suicide.

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